Surgeons Gloves

Our range of surgeons gloves have been developed following years of extensive research to ensure we meet the requirements of operating theatre staff. Our surgical glove range consists of gloves achieving AQL 0.65 providing a high guarantee of low pin holes. For thoses sensitive to either latex or chemical accelerators, we have both latex-free and accelerator-free gloves available.

iNtouch isoCare Surgeons Gloves

iNtouch IsoCare


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Latex-Free Polyisoprene Surgical Gloves
iNtouch IsoGreen Surgeons Gloves

iNtouch IsoGreen


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Latex-Free Polyisoprene Surgical Undergloves
iNtouch Micro Serugons Gloves

iNtouch Micro


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Powder-Free Latex Microsurgical Gloves
iNtouch Powder-Free Surgeons Gloves

iNtouch Powder-Free


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Powder-Free Latex Surgical Gloves
iNtouch Slide Surgeons Gloves

iNtouch Slide


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Damp Donning Powder-Free Latex
iNtouch Spot Surgeons Gloves

iNtouch Spot


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Powder-Free Latex Surgical Under-Gloves
Neotex PureDerma Surgeons Gloves

Neotex PureDerma


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Latex-Free, Accelerator-Free Surgeons Gloves
Neotex Surgeons Gloves

Neotex Surgeons


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Latex-Free, Powder-Free Surgeons Gloves