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Product Launch – iNtouch IsoCare Surgeons Glove

iNtouch IsoCare added to Medicare’s range of surgeons gloves

iNtouch IsoCare surgical gloves are made from synthetic polyisoprene material and deliver similar characteristics in comfort, protection and performance as natural rubber latex gloves without the risk concern of natural rubber latex allergy.

Although some natural rubber latex gloves undergo extensive processing to reduce the latex protein levels present, there is no way of totally eliminating it. This raises concerns for patients and also medical practitioners who come into daily contact with latex gloves.

iNtouch IsoCare surgeons gloves are ideal for a latex-free healthcare environment which practises either single or double-gloving. An innovative polymer applied to the inner surface of the glove ensures the surgical team is able to efficiently and quickly don the gloves without hindrance pre or intra-operatively.

Suitable for use in all types of surgeries. For orthopaedic surgery, we recommend double-gloving with the iNtouch IsoGreen surgical undergloves. Also suitable for use in Dental Surgery, Private Clinic Surgeries, Sterile Wards, Intensive Care Units and Veterinary Surgery.

How does Polyisoprene material compare with other synthetic materials?

Polyisoprene has the strongest physical property performance when compared with the other synthetic materials frequently used in the manufacture of medical gloves; polychloroprene and nitrile materials. The performance of the advanced polyisoprene material used to manufacture the iNtouch IsoCare latex-free surgeons gloves is extremely similar to that of latex gloves, making the iNtouch IsoCare a desired choice as a substitute to latex gloves.