Powder Free, Latex-Free, Micro-Textured, Ambidextrous, AQL 1.5

NITREX Extra Sensitive

Advanced Nitrile Examination Gloves With Enhanced Tactile Sensitivity

NITREX Extra Sensitive examination gloves are manufactured from a high quality nitrile formulation resulting in a strong performing glove with a high level of tactile sensitivity.

The advanced thin film technology utilised in the manufacture process results in a glove, which provides outstanding barrier protection against viruses, bacteria, chemicals and has been tested for permeation performance against 13 chemotherapy drugs.


  • Latex-Free
  • Strong Chemical Resistance
  • Ultimate Tactile Sensitivity
  • Passes Viral Penetration Tests (F1671)
  • Easy Donning
  • Micro-Textured Fingers
  • Beaded Cuff
  • Tested for Use With Chemotherapy Drugs
Physical Properties 
Freedom From HolesAQL 1.5
Force at Break (Newtons)> 6
Finger Thickness (mm)0.06
Palm Thickness (mm)0.05
Cuff Thickness (mm)0.04

SizePalm Width (mm)Length (mm)
E75 ± 5240
S85 ± 5240
M95 ± 5240
L106 ± 5240
X116 ± 5240
SizeRe-Order CodeNHS CodeBox QuantityCase Quantity
EGN01EFTE1744200 Singles10 Boxes
SGN01SFTE1745200 Singles10 Boxes
MGN01MFTE1746200 Singles10 Boxes
LGN01LFTE1747200 Singles10 Boxes
XGN01XFTE1748200 Singles10 Boxes