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The team at Medicare gets on their bike…

Medicare Coast to Coast

We decided that we wanted to show our support for Heidi and Mike at Blood Bikes for the fantastic work they are doing for NICU’s. Sadly, having lost her baby to infection, Heidi has made it her mission to improve the support given to NICU, in particular, ensuring they are equipped with examination gloves. We have been working with Heidi and Mike to produce their own brand of gloves for distribution to an initial 12 NICUs with the aim of spreading this across the UK.


In tandem to this (no pun intended!) Heidi asked us to take part in her 200mile charity coast to coast bike ride across the Pennines.
Gary, Chris, James and Catherine at Medicare decided that between them they could partake in the ride and also provide back-up ambulance car support. We set off from Liverpool Docks on Tuesday 8th May and having ridden an amazing 3 days through some of the most beautiful English countryside, we finished in a sunny Bridlington at the end of day three. Exhausted but jubilant.


Thank you to all our supporters who really got behind us, including our generous charitable partners in Malaysia, Project Smile. We managed to raise a fantastic £1500 to help towards the amazing work Heidi and Mike are doing for NICUs through Blood Bikes!!

Medicare Coast to Coast

See you next year…

Medicare Coast to Coast